deliver the perfect mix 


Leave a few dB's of headroom on your final mix (peaks at -3dBFS or lower), to ensure there is no digital clipping or intersample peaks. 

Double check your mixes before delivery! 


If you want to use compression or limiting on the masterbus, please send two versions of the mix: 
one version with compression / limiting, one version with all dynamics processing on the masterbus bypassed. 


Please export your mixes in 24 bits. 

Avoid dithering your mixes, which is usually the last step in mastering.

data compression 

When transferring audio files over the internet, use WinRAR or WinZIP to ensure no data loss. 

Files can easily be uploaded through YouSendIt, Dropbox, .. 


Feel free to send your favourite tracks along. They give us an idea in which direction you're thinking. 

High quality mp3 files are suitable for reference!

project sheet

Provide us with all the necessary information 
like track titles, ISRC-codes, notes on individual songs. 

Click the picture to download our project sheet!