what we offer

Imagine your first cd, EP or online release, 
recorded in a professional studio or simply at home. 

Some work has to be done to make your cd playable on different audio-systems in various places.

Let alone that you can compare your cd with commercial records, in terms of loudness, depth and punch.

That’s where we come in!

1. analysis 

Spending all your time finishing your recordings, you want an unbiased pair of educated ears to listen to your work. 

We have the room, the speakers and the experience to identify problems in your mix.

3. correction 

Some say that the perfect mix doesn’t need any mastering. 

However, when mixes done at a different time or place come together to form a coherent album, mastering can be the glue between them.

5. delivery 

We create an error-free Redbook Standard premaster DDP image file for the replication plant. 

You can also download your master as individual WAV-files.

2. education 

Where other mastering houses simply “ask for a remix”, we suggest corrections and methods to further improve your mixes, on your request ofcourse.

4. assembly 

When each track got attention, it’s time to build the album as a whole. At this point we take care of track order, consecutive track volume, spacing between songs, fades. 

There are several technical aspects that acquire attention: metadata such as CD-text and ISRC codes are edited.