about sidamosae

Martijn Hermans is a high school teacher in mathematics and musical education. 
He founded sidamosae in September 2008. 

Being a passive music lover and performing musician in any genre, 
he knows exactly what sound to aim for in various styles of music. Mastering music is about getting the maximum out of recordings, and taking responsibility for the sound of the future. 

I'm an automath with a set of ears, a clue of what's going on, and the tools to accomplish the sound I want to achieve.

We are aware of the ridiculous amount of money 
that clients have to spend when having their music 'professionally' mastered. 
Sadly, quality isn't always in proportion to quantity in the music business. At sidamosae, we work 100% radio ready and 200% budget friendly with a personal approach.

We're not a big name in the industry, so your project is not a number.