Welcome to the sole mastering-only studio in Belgian Limburg!

With our friendly service and low pricing, we aim at independent labels and (underground) artists on a budget for a long-term business relationship. 

Some talented artists, small homerecording studios and even semi-pros already found their way to us. What about you?

in the picture: equinox 480

We welcome our latest addition to the studio: a custom designed mastering equalizer, based on the Sontec MEP-250EX schematics with multiple extra features. 

Taking three years from idea to realisation, it's the tool we've been waiting to get our hands on, to even further improve our service. 

triple pass filter section

  • 18 dB / oct Bessel type highpass filter (from 20 Hz to 70 Hz) 
  • 6 dB / oct Bessel type lowpass filter (from 5 kHz to 22 kHz) 
  • 12 dB / oct Bessel type lowpass filter (from 12 kHz, to 22 kHz) 

quad parametric section + high shelf

  • 24 frequency selections (from 13 Hz - 25.7 kHz) per band 
  • frequency multiplier (x10) on second band 
  • bell / shelf selection on first, second and fourth band 
  • 6 bandwidth selections on all four bands 
  • selectable 6 dB or 12 dB / oct high shelf on fifth band 
  • switchable +/- 5.5 dB or +/- 11 dB gain per band 
  • individual band bypass 

i/o section

  • switchable +/- 5.5 dB or +/- 11 dB output trim
  • stereo linked design
  • hard bypass

latest work

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